Warn Winches

Warn winches are grouped into four series ranging from the entry-level and economical “Value Series” through a “Premium Series” and a “Heavyweight” Series all the way up to the “Ultimate Performance” Series.  At the low end, the Tabor9k Value Series winch features nine thousand pounds of pulling power.  That’s  a lot of power for the price. Mounting on the front bumper of your vehicle, the Tabor has a hundred feet of wire rope on its spool.  At the high end, the Ultimate Performance Series Endurance 12.0 packs twelve thousand pounds of pulling power with eighty feet of heavy duty three eighths inch wire rope.  The innovative cooling system in this winch gives it the longest duty cycle of any electric winch currently available.  Winches in the Heavyweight Series are designed primarily for truck use and offer models with pulling power up to 16,500 pounds.  Within the premium series, off-roaders will find two portable models for those times when it’s difficult to get your vehicle to the “work.”

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For those load jobs away from AC power sources, Warn offers three models that are powered by 12 volt DC batteries. And they still pack a punch with up to a 1700 pound pulling capacity.  If you doubt that Warn is truly an innovator, you have to take a look at their ingenious “PullzAll.”  Anyone who has ever struggled with a manual “come a long” will love this model.  The designers at Warn added an electric motor to a manual come a long and the rest is history. Available in corded or cordless models, this gem can pull 1,000 pounds.  So do you still have any doubts about those guys at Warn?