KFI Winch Mounts

KFI Winches
Kappers Fabricating Inc. is a family owned business that started out making custom designed metal parts for industrial use. Metals employed included carbon steel, aluminum, Stainless Steel, and extruded metal. In 2002 they used their expertise in metal fabrication to produce an ATV Winch mount under the brand name “KFI.” Since then they have expanded their products to include ATV and UTV Winches as well as additional ATV accessories. While you can buy KFI winch mounts at Amazon and Ebay, their ATV winches are only available on their website. Generally, limiting a distribution system helps a manufacturer keep costs down and this certainly holds true for KFI. Their winches are very attractively priced and offer a low cost alternative to the much higher priced offerings from industry leaders like Warn and Ramsey.

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KFI ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) Winches
While KFI currently offers only 3 models of ATV Winches, reviews and off road forum posts would seem to indicate they are being well received. Their Model S2000 kit lists for only $149.00 on the KFI Website and comes with everything you need to get up and running, although if your ATV does not have a flat surface above the front bumper you might need a special mounting plate designed exclusively for your make and model of ATV. The S2000 comes with a fourteen foot corded remote for distance operation as well as a mini-rocker switch that can be mounted directly to your ATV’s handle bars to allow one finger operation.

The A2500 model and the A3000 model are identical to the S200 with the exception of the increased line pull capacity and, of course, the price. All three come with a 1 year limited warranty. Steel cable is standard with these models but KFI does offer synthetic rope as an accessory option.

KFI UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle) Winches
KFI offers only one basic UTV Winch but there are two different model numbers based on the size of the mounting plate. The Model U4000 features a standard size plate while the Model U4000w comes with a wider plate.

KFI offers a full line of ATV accessories from wireless remotes, to Amsteel synthetic cable to snatch blocks, to tree saver straps. KFI uses high quality parts in much of their manufacturing. Many other low cost winch units use plastic clutch knobs while KFI’s unit is made of cast aluminum. No plastic switchgear in a KFI Winch — they use metal. KFI appears to be one of the best low cost alternative winches out there today.