Ramsey Winches

Introduced in 2006, Ramsey claimed this winch “delivered the ultimate in winching technology.” Corporate hype sometimes is just hype, and sometimes there’s actually something behind the hype. There is definitely something to the Ramsey Hype. If you’re a doubter, think “patent.” Breakthrough technology in any field is generally patented, or is introduced to the market as “patent pending.” With this model Ramsey introduced its patent pending semi-automatic clutch. What does it do for you? It is faster than any other winch out there. With this clutch there are fewer steps to take in operating it, saving both the time and the energy of the operator. And time is money! In addition. the Ramsey Patriot 9500 introduced a patented wireless remote. No longer do you have to shiver in the cold struggling with your winch. You can operate the Ramsey 9500 from the warmth and comfort of your vehicle.

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Ramsey offers other models in the Patriot Series for situations where you need more or less pulling power. For lighter duty use there’s the Patriot 6000 with 6,000 pounds of pulling power. The Ramsey 15000 is the heavyweight of the line featuring one of the highest rated line pull capacities available — 15,000 pounds.

While the “looks” of a winch are unimportant to some, a lot of Ramsey Patriot users think that its sleek overall design and structural integrity make a Patriot winch one of the best looking winches available to mount on the front of your vehicle. Ramsey offers other front mount recovery andATV winches along with their industrial line. All together, they offer over one hundred fifty different models. The Ramsey Badger is their most economical offering for the self recovery market. The Ramsey Honcho is a favorite amongstATV enthusiasts. For those in the self recovery market who like being out in the cold and would have no use for the remote controlled capability of the Patriot Series, Ramsey offers thr ee comparable models in the Ramsey Rep Series: the 5000, the 8000, and the 9000. All in all Ramsey gives you a lot to choose from.