Braden Winches

If you’re in the market for an ATV or a Self-Recovery Pickup Truck winch and you came across the Braden name, you’ve come to the wrong place! Braden Winches are strictly for heavy duty commercial and industrial applications.

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Braden is now a division of Paccar Winch Division and is one of three brands under which Paccar manufactures and distributes its winching and hoisting products: Braden, Carco, and Gearmatic. If you’ve heard of Peterbuilt Trucks, then you know Paccar. Paccar can actually trace its origins all the way back to 1905 when William Pigott founded the Seattle Car Manufacturing Company to produce railroad and logging equipment. Almost twenty years later the Braden Steel Corporation was founded by Glenn Braden in 1924 to supply equipment for the Oklahoma oil fields. In 1927 Braden developed a truck-mounted winch capable of unloading and moving heavy duty equipment needed in the oil fields. Meanwhile the Carco Corporation was developing heavy duty hoists and winches for use in the timber industry in the Pacific Northwest and Gearmatic was developing planetary geartrains found in most industrial grade winches. In 1983 Paccar took over all three companies to combine the winching expertise of Braden with the hoisting expertise of Carco and the geartrain expertise of Gearmatic.

Today Braden makes a variety of Recovery Winches and both Planetary and Pneumatic Hoists as well as Gear Boxes and other Utility products.

Braden Recovery Winches
Available in either planetary gear drive or worm gear drive, Braden Recovery Winches offer line pull capacities of up to 30,000 pounds! Some models are powered by mechanical motors while others are hydraulic. All require special bumpers and Braden recently introduced a lighter weight composite bumper — the PD18D — that weighs about 120 pounds less than their standard bumper packages.

Braden Hoists and Gear Boxes
At the Braden Factory, customized gear boxes can be created to match the needs of indvidual customer applications. Braden offers both planetary gear drive and pneumatic hoists for a wide variety of industrial applications. Dredging operations, commercial fishing, heavy construction, mining, and logging all utilize equipment powered by Braden Hoists. The technological innovations made capable by Paccar’s merging of the three industry giants Braden, Carco, and Gearmatic, are too numerous to mention. One of the most significant is Braden’s patented braking system which uses brake valves that enable much better stability and performance than standard brake valves. All Braden products can be customized in a variety of ways to ensure the best possible performance for the customer’s industrial application. Gear ratios and motor size can be altered in most Braden Hoist and Recovery Winch Models. Even the size of the drum can be modified to fit a unique application.

Wherever you see a derrick burrowing into the earth, or a barge dredging a waterway, or a massive truck crane moving construction equipment and materials, chances are the equipment is powered by Braden products.