Anchor Winch by Fulton Winches

Fulton Winches
In a world where almost everything is going “high tech” it is refreshing to come across those products still powered by good, old fashioned, muscle power. That’s what Fulton makes: winches powered not by electricity or hydraulics or the sun or the moon. They make winches powered by hand. They offer winches both for pulling applications — the T Series of Fulton Winches — and for lifting applications — the K Series of Fulton Winches.

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Fulton Trailer Winches
The most common pulling application for which hand winches are used is boat trailering. To determine the size T Series winch you need, determine the maximum weight of the boat to be pulled and then divide that by 2 to get the required pulling capacity. If the area where you trailer your boat has a steep incline, divide the weight by 1.5 instead of 2. Maximum weight includes all the gear you would carry in your boat, with full gas tanks, not just the weight of the boat itself. So if your fully gassed boat plus all the goodies you stuff in it weighs 3,000 pounds you would need a T Series Winch with a minimum pulling capacity of 1,500 pounds.

Single Speed Trailer Winches are available in pulling capacities from 600 pounds to 2,100 pounds. All models come with special “comfort grip’ handles to make cranking easier and feature carbon and zinc construction for strength and weather resistance. All models can use either rope or strapping and most can be factory installed.

Two Speed Trailer Winches provide better overall performance and ease of operation. There is a fast speed for quicker pull-in when the boat is light in the water and a second lower speed for when the weight of the boat on the winch increases as it comes up out of the water. A shift lock is included to enable changing speeds. Two Speed models feature pulling capacities from 2,000 pounds to 3,700 pounds.

Fulton Worm Gear Winches
Fulton also offers three different models of Worm Gear Winches for better load control. If you’ve ever had the experience of watching your boat slide back into the water because you slipped and let go of the handle, you’ll appreciate a worm gear winch. The gear automatically locks the reel when the handle is released. And unlike some competitive hand winch models, Fulton worm gear winches lock the reel regardless of the weight of the load. These winches are available in 1,500 pound, 2,000 pound, and 3,000 pound pulling capacity.

Fulton Brake Winches — K Series
K Series Winches are for lifting applications. The brake holds the load securely as it is raised, even if the handle is released. And as is the case with Fulton Worm Gear Winches, the brake is applied regardless of the weight of the load. Brake or K Series Winches are available in lifting capacities from 600 pounds to 2,500 pounds. To determine the lift capacity you need, the weight of the load must be equal to or less than the minimum capacity of the winch. Happy Cranking!