Gorilla ATV Winches

In 2003 a bunch of off road enthusiasts got together and decided to get into the winch business. They came up with one of the great advertising tag lines of all time: YOU WANT IN. WE’LL GET YOU OUT. And so Gorilla Winch was born and they have become an industry leader due in large part to their stated mission of creating high quality products at the lowest prices on the Internet.

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But according to founder and president George Lee, along the way Gorilla’s customers began to ask for more. Impressed with the quality of the winches, they asked about other ATV accessories. And so the company has responded and is changing its name to Promark Offroad. Beginning in the fall of 2009, Promark will continue its full line of ATV, UTV, Truck, Jeep, and Boat Trailer winches as well as a full line of accessories like winch tools and covers, ATV/UTV snow plow attachments and tire chains, and bumpers and brush guards.

“Gorilla” winch evokes a magnificent image of an 800 pound Silverback hauling your ATV out of the mud. Truly a fitting name. Nevertheless, Company spokesperson John Ostman states “Our new name will more accurately describe who we are and what we do. We manufacture and supply professional quality offroad equipment to ATV, Truck, Jeep, and 4 x 4 enthusiasts worldwide.”

Gorilla Winches for ATVs and UTVs
In a rather interesting and unique marketing strategy, Gorilla (Promark) actually sells Warn Winches on its own website. Intended or not, when you see a Gorilla 1500lb XT Series ATV Winch for about $110 side by side with a Warn RT ATV Winch for $240, you are struck by the dramatic difference in price. Gorilla has three series of ATV/UTV Winches — the new XTR series featuring synthetic rope, the Trail Series, the XT Series, and the Outback Series. You’re sure to find an appropriately rated model among their 12 different offerings ranging from the 1,500lb line pull capacity XT all the way to the Outback Series 4500lb UTV Side by Side winch. All Gorilla ATV and UTV winches offer waterproof motors.

Gorilla Winches for Trucks and Jeeps
For self recovery applications Gorilla offers the Silverback Series and the Midnight Series in pulling capacities from 8,000lbs to 12,000lbs. They also offer a 15,000lb pull rating model. The Silverback Series and the Midnight Series are identical except for the color and the remote. The Midnight Series comes in black and includes a 12′ corded remote while the Silverback comes in — what else — silver but includes a wireless remote as well as the corded offering. The wireless remote and the nice color will cost you about $50 extra per model.

Gorilla Winches for Boat Trailers
Finally, Gorilla makes two different models of electric boat trailer winches, a 10,500lb model and a 15,000lb model. Both come with 40 feet of steel cable and feature 10 foot remote controls as well as backup hand cranks. Whether you’re new to the winch world or an old hand, bid a fond farewell to Gorilla and a warm welcome to Promark Offroad.